"If not now, when?"

What is Red Sky Leadership?

Inspired by gorgeous red skies that remind us that life is rich with unlimited possibilities, the heart of our work is partnering with clients who are empowered to live more fully, with intention and purpose.

We believe there is a great need for leaders not just in the workplace, but in our every day lives as well.  Think about who has made a difference in your life.  What did they teach you?  Who did they inspire you to become?   

Imagine having a tireless partner who guides, supports and empowers you to live the life you dream of.  One that won't let you back out on the dream you have for your work, for your life.  That's what Red Sky Leadership can do!

Our clients are bright, successful, open-minded people who choose to be leaders in their career, in their family, and in their life.  We motivate leaders who want to produce outstanding results- as they transform their organizations, their teams, and themselves.

We do this through:

  •     Individual Career Coaching 
  •     Leadership and Business Coaching
  •     Outplacement/Career Transition Services 
  •     Interactive Training Seminars
  •     Engaging Keynote Presentations

What is Coaching?

Coaching began about 20 years ago when CEO's of major corporations began to work with their business consultants in a new way.  The CEO and consultant would meet to develop the leadership skills of the CEO and soon discovered that not only did coaching improve their leadership skills, it also benefited the bottom line of the company. 

Over the past ten years, coaching has grown in popularity with the general public as well.  It is now well established as a means of personal self improvement and a way to improve business.

Think of any professional athlete... They have a coach that motivates them, inspires them, and holds them accountable so that they reach their goals, and ultimately, realize their dream.   That's what we do for our clients. 

reat athletes and highly successful CEO's have benefited from coaching for centuries, and you can too.  If not now, when?  

When you're ready, we are too.  Contact us                                                    





"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept
anything but the best, you very often get it."
 -W. Somerset Maugham