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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Melissa Suey, ACC

Melissa works with successful people who want to live more fully and with intention and purpose.  She has coached business owners and entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, academics, parents, and young adults. 

Melissa has been coaching in some form for many years.  While working as a News Anchor and Reporter right out of college, she inadvertently found herself stepping into the role of mediator in a tense hostage situation.  She coached the hostage to remain calm and think clearly and alternately negotiated with the suspect to relinquish his weapon.  That dangerous five hour ordeal ended safely, thank goodness, and Melissa was recognized by the FBI and Missouri State Highway Patrol for her actions.   
Melissa moved to beautiful British Columbia, Canada shortly after that and went on to co-host television programs in sports and entertainment, as well as a morning radio show, where she was nominated for a British Columbia Association of Broadcasting Award.  A successful  career in sales, marketing, and corporate communications followed.  

Melissa returned to the US and began honing her entrepreneurial skills when she started her own business consisting of coaching, consulting, training and public speaking. 

Connecting people with their work, their lives
One of the things that fulfills Melissa the most is assisting people with developing their career and professional lives.  Like many of her clients, it has been a process over many years to "thread" together all of her past experience into a career she truly loves and finds meaningful and enriching.  Melissa is Manager of Training and Development for Delhaize America, the parent company of Hannaford and Food Lion.  There, she and her team design and deliver learning solutions to enable associates in Category Management, Merchandising, Pricing, and Supply Chain to increase their, and the organization's, success.

Melissa coaches leaders and individual contributors through career development as well as career transition.  She has worked for a private Human Resources firm and the Maine Department of Labor assisting unemployed workers with individual coaching and interactive workshops.  For more information on Career Coaching, click here. 

Melissa's work in Human Resources has also included delivering interactive training seminars to HR professionals, career counselors and job seekers for JobsintheUS.com, one of the fastest growing internet job sites in the country.   She also consults with businesses to develop and implement successful human resource solutions, including training, outplacement and recruiting.

Passionate about helping women make their definition of success a reality
Selected to Chair the first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Business Resource Group at Delhaize America's Maine campus, Melissa is dedicated to helping women bring their "whole selves" to work.  When an organization welcomes diverse perspectives and thoughts, value is added to the organization - to the people and the bottom line.  T

hrough her work with women, Melissa has found that most share a common thread - a desire to find balance in their lives.  If you looked deep inside any group of women- in the boardroom, on the playground and everywhere in between, chances are you would find many are working hard to balance all they have going on in their lives, while still trying to maintain their own sense of purpose. She also knows every woman is unique in her beliefs, experiences and situation and that none of us knows what it is like to walk in another's shoes.  Melissa encourages women to be kinder and more forgiving of themselves and each other. 

Melissa is passionate about helping women define their definition of success.  She has coached women through the process of making major life changes, as well as those needing to simplify and bring more of a sense of purpose into their lives.  Melissa enjoys speaking to women's groups, empowering them to support, encourage and inpsire one another without judgement.   For more information on Personal Coaching, click here.

Dedicated to young leaders
Melissa has delivered motivational presentations to students, parents and teachers all over New England in groups of  2 to 500 for the nationally-recognized Making it Count programs.  She has also served as a volunteer facilitator for the internationally-recognized Challenge Day, a powerful and experiential all-day workshop that helps students break down prejudicial barriers, feel safe and celebrated, and ignite their passion for service and leadership. 
Red Sky Leadership is a culmination of Melissa's diverse experience, enthusiasm and desire to inspire others to create a life they love.  Melissa works with organizations and individuals who are committed to growth, fulfillment, and maximizing their potential. 

Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Bowling Green State University, a Certificate in Training and Development through the University of Southern Maine, and has received advanced training through Cape Cod Institute, Dale Carnegie and The Disney Institute.  She is a certified coach with t
he International Coach Federation, completing her training with the acclaimed Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA.  Melissa is also a member of the Human Resource Association of Southern Maine and the Association for Talent Development.

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Kathy Ball-Toncic
is a corporate and leadership coach, specializing in women's leadership development. 
Kathy leverages her own work in the corporate world to motivate and inspire other leaders. She has collaborated with CEO's, managers, directors and individual contributors, both men and women, from many diverse companies.  During her career, Kathy has held senior management positions in sales, marketing, business development and relationship management. She has worked for start-up companies, major corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Kathy's experience also includes owning and operating her own catering company where she honed her entrepreneurial skills. As an avid marathon runner, Kathy has a unique philosophy around the disciplines of marathoning as they relate to leadership. Her diverse experience combined with her energy, passion and enthusiasm serve to inspire others to become extraordinary leaders.

Kathy's facilitation experience encompasses leadership workshops and courses at several financial services institutions, at Mass School of Professional Psychology, and for other diverse groups such as counselors at summer camps and women survivors of abusive relationships. Kathy has completed the coaching curriculum at The Coaches Training Institute and is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) who is qualified to use DISC and 360 evaluations as well as additional assessment instruments. Kathy is a "Woman of the Year" nominee for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and has personally raised nearly $100,000 for charity while training for and running marathons.


Coby Kozlowski specializes in working with women, men and young adults who are ready to step into
a life of choice, empowerment and conscious living. 
Over the years Coby has managed and inspired hundreds of extraordinary men and women to dream, explore and reach their goals, whether they be business related or personal.  Coby helps you learn to make yourself a priority, create an intention in your life and feel inspired that anything you want in life is a possibility.

Coby brings to her coaching nearly a decade of experience in upper-level management, entrepreneurship, coaching, yoga and ayurvedic studies.  She graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in Business Administration and Environmental Studies. Her initial passion for coaching stems from years of coaching swimming and being a collegiate athlete.  

also studied group dynamics and team development in Mexico on a three month experiential learning trip with the National Outdoor Leadership School (N.O.L.S).  Upon graduation, she completed a thesis on group dynamics and leadership and also designed and taught a collegiate class based on her findings. She then had the opportunity to work and train with the Walt Disney World Corporation. Coby also worked with executives and young adults while managing districts all over the U.S. for Abercrombie and Fitch. She is a graduate of the Landmark Forum and has done her coaching training at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is currently participating in CTI's nine month experiential leadership program. She is also a certified yoga instructor (RYT) and certified ayurvedic consultant.