Career Coaching

"It is never too late to
be what you might have been.
-Mary Ann Evens
(Author who wrote as George Eliot)

Individual Career Coaching

Are you in or considering a career transition? Is your career fulfilling or is it time to change your career course? Where do you want to be five or ten years from now?

Imagine what the results could be if you dedicated some time to clarify what you 
really want to do for work.  We know this -  if you don't give yourself the time to think about it, it will probably won't happen.  We help our clients not only identify and understand their career interests and options, we work with them to develop a practical, proven personal marketing plan utlizing up-to-date techniques to reach their goals.  We understand today's job search process well, and can tailor this knowledge to your own specific needs.

Career Coaching
Each person is unique, with individual needs and goals, so there is no cookie- cutter program here.  What you will find is coaching and job search expertise that meets your needs.  The range of services we offer includes:


Where are you now and where would you like to be? 
Assessing your current interests, skills and experience will enable you to focus on realistic and attainable career objectives. 

Are there skills you need to upgrade to be more employable?  If so, we can help you plan a strategy to become more employable in today's market.  You may even qualify for financial assistance, depending on your situation.  We may be able to connect you with resources to help you gain the additional skills you need. 

Job Search Marketing Strategy
What are you marketing?   When you're looking for a job, you are marketing your skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic to name a few.  Just as a business owner needs a successful marketing strategy to achieve success, your chances of success increase when having a customized job search marketing strategy.   We discuss today's job search market and offer specific tips to help you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Resume and Cover Letter Development
Sending out resumes, but not getting any bites? If you have sent out too many resumes to count, with little or no response, we can help.  The development of your Marketing Materials, including review or creation of an updated resume and effective cover letters, will be developed that match your objectives.  We teach the most up-to-date techniques based on what employers are looking for in a resume, both written and online.

Accessing the Hidden Job Market
Did you know approximately 85% off jobs are not found through advertisements?  Most people don't get their jobs through traditional means, yet that is where job seekers spend most of their time - on the internet, in the classifieds (what's left of them), sending out resumes, applying for jobs.  Don't spend your valuable time doing the same thing over and over and getting no results.  We will create an effective marketing strategy to ensure you are accessing the hidden job market.

Getting the interviews but not getting a call back?  Employers tell us by the time you get the interview, the job is yours to lose.  That's right.  The job is yours to lose once you get to the interview.  Knowing what today's interviewers are looking for is crumsuey@maine.rr.comcial for success. We will coach you in the most effective techniques that will help you turn interviews into job offers.

Negotiating Techniques
They like you, they really doNow get what you're worth.  We will show you the way to negotiate the most advantageous compensation package with your next employer, to help ensure long term career growth.

Imagine a life where your work is meaningful and fulfilling.  Where you wake up and actually look forward to going to work -  where you feel valued and enriched.   We believe every person has the right to not just imagine, but actually have a career just like that.  That is what we help our clients to achieve.  If you are willing to do roll up your sleeves and get to work on what matters most to you, you can have it, too. 

Career Coaching services are are often a tax-deductible business expense.  (Ask your tax advisor.)

We offer a free preliminary consultation so that we can better determine your needs and see if we are a good fit.  When you're ready, we are too. Contact us.