"Well done is better than well said."
-Benjamin Franklin

"Melissa Suey was our keynote speaker for a system-wide HR retreat at MaineHealth that was attended by about 150 HR professionals. We found Melissa to be a very engaging facilitator who really connected with the participants. She was professional, down to earth, and entertaining. The attendees loved her and rated her presentation very highly.”
Deb Gallant
Director of Leadership Development, OD & Learning

"Melissa is an excellent coach.  Through her coaching, I was exposed to different perspectives  and really was able to see things in a whole new light.  I really appreciate her enthusiasm,  insights, and support she provided to me during the coaching process. If you are looking to take your life in a different direction, then you definitely want Melissa as your coach!” 
Christina Wyman, PHR
Leadership and Organizational Development Manager
Genzyme Corp, Boston, MA

“Getting coached by Melissa has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made.
In just four months I have already seen amazing results, both professionally and personally.
Melissa has helped me clarify what I really want for my life and business, and has given me 
extremely effective tools to reach my goals.  She has helped me identify the issues that have 
been holding me back from reaching my full potential in my business.  She gives me 
tremendous insight, encouragement, and practical tools that keep me focused and energized. 
I look forward to working with Melissa for years to come!”
Jessica Carpine
Multi Million Dollar Producer
Jessica’s Home Team
REMAX Absolute Realty, Portland, ME

“Melissa is an amazing coach!  I felt constantly supported by her while she coached me, but she also challenged me to think and act big.  She helped me clarify my own  desires for myself, and she helped me go after them.  Melissa’s coaching moved my life forward in some important and lasting ways.”

Sandra Spataro
Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations
Johnson School of Management
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

“Melissa's gift is truly her ability to relate to people quickly and meaningfully.  Her capacity  to process the small details, while understanding the big picture, gives her a dynamic perspective to provide thoughtful and purposeful counsel.  As a consultant with our company, she has worked  with many different types of people, from students with disabilities to professionals in transition,  giving them valuable advice.  It’s obvious to me that Melissa is genuinely comfortable with herself as well as confident in her abilities- these attributes, along with her great experience, combine to
forge a calming and positive influence on those she works with.”
Jason C. Blais 
Director, Business Development
JobsInTheUS.com, Westbrook, ME

"Melissa is one the most powerful coaches I have ever worked with.  Her transparency and authenticity make you feel safe…she has the compassion and lightness of a best friend and the fierce love to motivate and inspire you to take the necessary actions to step towards complete fulfillment.  Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious.  Any person who gets the opportunity to work with Melissa will realize they have been given one of the best gifts they could receive..."
Coby Kozlowski
Owner, Simple Rhythm
Groton, MA

Comments from workshop participants: 

   “Melissa was engaging, charismatic, articulate and kind.  This far exceeded my expectations.”


“Thank you, Melissa, for making a tough experience a little less painful.  I enjoyed your presentation today… You were respectful and very considerate of everyone in the group and addressed issues that people were too embarrassed (or too angry) to ask.  You also held everyone's attention, and made people feel more empowered.”

"Melissa was fantastic.  Provided a much needed boost for me."

“This experience was enlightening on many levels. Melissa is a powerful speaker with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to portray it. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects...thanks, Melissa!"

“Working with Melissa resulted in a job opportunity that was tailor-made for me. Melissa is an expert in her field…
I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking employment or making a career change.”

"Thank you, Melissa.  Keep doing the great job of making a difference."

"Dynamic and engaging speaker.  The time just flew by."

“I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you very much for putting this class together. I left feeling very empowered for the first time in a long time. I thought I had "accepted" being laid off. I discovered today, it’s OK to cycle through the steps of grief.  I learned I leave an impression everywhere I go.  I neglected to realize that.   The information you are providing is extremely powerful.   I just wanted to let you know, you've made a difference in my journey. Thank you for the direction, the answers, and reminding me I need to hold myself accountable again.”

"Melissa was very well versed in the subject and made learning fun.  This was extremely beneficial."

"Even though I've read much about this topic - and heard it in other workshops - Melissa made it fresh and with unique insights and helpful tips.  This helped me adjust my thinking and attitude. Thanks!"

"Melissa has seriously motivated me.  I am glad as hell I came!"

"This workshop was certainly one of the best I have ever attended; no wasted time or unnecessary material. 
Melissa is positive, energized and has great insight."

"She did an excellent job at making us feel comfortable to ask questions.  She is passionate and it shows."

 “Melissa not only really knows how to help people get jobs – but even more than that -
she is affirming, creative, motivating and full of ideas they can use right now.”

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